About us

We are an extended reality production studio.  We are designers and screen producers for the entertainment industry.

 Collaboration, emerging technologies and creativity are at the heart of our work. Whether it is live in person or via a screen, our work excites, inspires and unites your audience in an unimaginable way.

We take a cross cultural approach united by our focus on using video as a storytelling tool. No matter what medium we are working in, the duration of the experience or the technology used; we see video as more than screens.

 We see video in three dimensional space, real or virtual.  We make video a powerful tool to transport your audience out of their current reality into their imaginations.

Since our founding we have emerged as leaders in our field, collaborating across the cultural spectrum, with acts and institutions such as:

Balmain,  L'Oréal, Chopard, Lecourt Mansion, Dassault Aviation to name a few.